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Cypress Construction Services
Home Improvement Contractor in Santa Cruz, CA

Cypress Construction Services was started back in 1994 as a means to an end. With a background in carpentry and general maintenance that started under the tutelage of his father, Michael Downey came to Santa Cruz to finish his bachelor's degree in psychology at UCSC. Lacking the funds for college and grad school, Michael started Cypress Construction Services – initially as a one-man handyman service, catering to property managers and homeowners.
In 1998, Michael became a licensed general contractor, and took on an ever-widening scope of construction work. "I have been so fortunate to have met the right people at the right time as we've grown, and to have put together such a fine crew of skilled craftsmen and subcontractors," he says. Now, in 2016, Michael focuses on project management, customer service, scheduling, estimating, and making sure the day-to-day operations of the business run smoothly. "Putting the right man on the job ensures our customers get the best workmanship at the best price." And, with a talented crew available, CCS can get in, do the job well, and complete the job in an appropriate amount of time.
And so, what started as a means to an end, has become an end in itself. Like the cypress wood it's named after – light and portable, yet strong and hard – CCS strives to be flexible and responsive, while creating durable, long lasting quality work.