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Cypress Construction Services was founded on the principle of respect—respect for our customers, their homes and offices, and for each other. Out of that guiding principle, a respect for the earth and its resources, and how our work affects the health and well-being of our customers, came naturally...long before it was "cool to be green". On this page, you'll find some general information about green building and remodeling. We'd be happy to work with you in your endeavors to make a more eco-friendly and people-friendly home.
What does it mean to be green?
Click on the drawings below for an overview of a model "green home"
Whole House

Local Resources:
  • City of Santa Cruz Planning/Building Department: The city of Santa Cruz now requires all construction and remodel building permits to include "green building" methods, materials, and fixtures. CLICK HERE for a checklist.
  • County of Santa Cruz Planning/Building Department: CLICK HERE for a "green building" glossary.
  • Greenspace: Greenspace is a unique retail showroom and education center specializing in green products for the home and business.

  • More Resources:
  • Green Home Guide: A trusted, community-based resource whose combination of tips, case studies, expert Q&A articles, and regional directories of products and services helps create homes that feel good.
  • Housingzone.com's Green & Energy Efficiency: A wealth of ideas, articles, and interviews online.
  • Build It Green's Green Building Checklist: This online source of green building guidelines is a great resource, full of best practices for green building developed by experts and stakeholders throughout the state.

    Cypress Construction Services is proud to be a Certified Green Building Professional since April 2009.