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In addition to the enjoyment you'll gain from your newly remodeled home, typically, remodeling tends to pay back a good percentage of the cost and increases the likelihood othat your home will sell quickly. In fact, several Santa Cruz realtors have said that due to high property values in Santa Cruz county, every $1.00 spent on a remodeling job can yield up to $2.00 when your home is sold. Nationally, returns are generally less, but the chart below gives an idea of the percentage of return for a given remodelling project.
Here is an easy-to-use chart (extracted from a national real estate database) which includes percentage recouped upon resale.

Type of Remodel Job Cost Resale Value % Recouped
Minor kitchen remodel $9,182 $8,653 94%
Bathroom addition $12,577 $11,244 89%
Major kitchen remodel $24,486 $21,230 87%
Family room addition $32,984 $27,830 84%
Two story addition $60,732 $50,761 84%
Attic bedroom $25,267 $20,869 83%
Master suite $39,112 $32,153 82%
Bathroom remodel $9,468 $6,947 73%
Replace siding $5,301 $3,787 71%
Window replacement $6,374 $4,339 68%